Friday, 14 March 2014

All about Peeling Nails

Nobody likes chipped, flaky nails and tries a lot to different products and tips to stop the problem from happening to their nails. It is also necessary to know the reasons why it happens as necessary as it is to cure the problem. If you get the reasons, you will be able to stop the problem happening and cure it in best way accordingly. Best way to diagnose the issue is to keep an eye on the symptoms of peeling nails. Peeling nails problem usually comes after weak and brittle nails. If you find any one or more from these symptoms, it directs toward the alarming sign that your nails are prone to peeling:

  • Chirping
  • Spontaneous separation from nail beds
  • Loosening
  • Falling off

There can be variable reasons behind peeling nails that you can cure easily by recognizing the symptoms, adopting precautions, and applying treatment tips. These reasons can be medical or non-medical, produced cosmetically or non-cosmetically. Check these reasons here; it will be helpful to make correct treatment to your peeling nails.

Chemical Exposure
Usually people don’t adopt any precautions when they use different chemicals during their routine duties such as when they clean house, spraying pest control medicines, or using dish washing detergents, washing powders, special cosmetics etc. Such kind of harsh chemicals are injurious to the nails and it can be prevented by wearing gloves.

Improper Diet
Balanced and proper diet is a key to a healthy life. A reason behind weak and brittle nails can be vitamin deficiencies or low-calcium diet. Diets containing biotin, vitamin B group, vitamin E, and sulfur are nails friendly and deficiency of these diet elements can be extremely harmful to nails’ health. Using plenty of water and fresh juice also makes nails healthy.

Climate or Environmental Change
Frequent or unusual change in environment and fluctuations of climate can greatly influence the nails, and also make other health disorders. Like the climate affects the body skin, the same way nails also get influence of weather conditions. Natural oil of nail beds dries with the dry climate condition that results dryness and peeling of nails. Similarly, too cold weather conditions and dust also result in peeling nails.

Immersion in Water
Over-exposure or immersion of water can also be reason behind weak chipped nails. When your nails extra ordinary immersion with water or detergents for long, they start absorbing the effects; it results in swelling up the nail beds and separate the nail spontaneous from nail beds. When you dry the liquid, you find the chipped nails in weak condition that hurts the finger tips, too. It also causes skin peeling from other areas of fingers around the nails by turning it whitish.

Medication Allergy
If you are using medication for some health related issue, the wrong or excess use of those medications can put the drying effects on skin and nails. It may also happen even if you are using those drugs correctly but they do not suit your health conditions in some way. In such situation, you should immediately consult your physician, double check your diet and provide appropriate moisture to nail. If your nails start tending toward dryness continuously, it may get damaged shortly.

Post-Fake Nails Suffering
Though acrylic nails look pretty nice but they make your natural nails paper thin and damaged. Fake nails make the natural nails suffer the shocks and flaky condition, and destroy their original look. You should make as less as possible use of fake nails, and properly moisturize them before removing. Regular use of cosmetics, such as nail polish, also makes their original color turn yellowish.

Other Nail Diseases and Wrong Treatments
There can also be some factors other than those non-medical factors mentioned above, which patients get inherited from their parents, or some infections coming from the environment. It may involve some skin infections or nail allergies such as Psoriasis or Yeast. These infections also cause peeling nails and destroy the beauty of your hands. Psoriasis is caused due to fungal attack and peeling nails are one of the symptoms of Psoriasis. A wrong treatment to these infections may lead to the permanent loss of nail health that is a serious issue.