Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Relation Between Working Capabilities and Environment With Health

Provide a quiet environment at work is the key to success for any business. Comfortable working environment for workers is also a part of the workplace healthy and safe. And reasonable effort must be adapted to the workplace and working environment as comfortable as possible.

Health and safety is essential for any kind of work. There is a responsibility of employers to provide their workers with a smoke free environment. The laws that are related to smoking in the workplace are the accountability of the Ministry of Health. The smoke free policy is essential in the workplace and its negative effects are well known among the people. The smoke-free policy can be added to contracts of employment, during the recruitment and the various policies in place for others. This policy can be promoted in their place of work by printing and displaying signs of smoke-free offices in different locations. Along with this, all contractors must be notified of the smoke-free policy.

Seats and standing can be painful at work. If it is essential for employees to perform their work while sitting there that will be provided so that appropriate to the task at hand and provide greater comfort and stability. Good health is something that is very essential yet we need to focus more and more on gaining life with full health.

A worker may also experience stress when exposed to low temperatures. Such stress can occur when workers are required to work outside of the coldest months, high in wet weather. It is the responsibility of employers that employees wear protective clothing. The clothing is not enough as there is still the need to ensure that appropriate measures are also taken. Increased stress can have serious consequences, including death, therefore, employees should be provided with proper precautions.

When a worker suffers from cold stress, he may experience:

• The stiff joints

• Reduced muscle strength

• Loss of dexterity

• Less mental care

Women are considered more prone to increased risk of chilling injury. This is due to the reason that they are less able to increase its temperature by exercise. Other factors that may affect the level of chilling injury are increasing:

• Age

• Fatigue

• Medicines

• Alcohol

• Smoking

Thus, with this passage, we can conclude that an  employee can produce enormous results only if he/she attains a healthy life. Upon getting a healthful life, any individual can deliver an outstanding performance. If you are keen to learn more health related tips, you may view rest of our other posts.